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That's the end of a long and painful year away from home. I miss my friends, my dog, my brother, my mother and my father. Will get to see them soon; a few days from this post, actually. Only saying this to let all o'ya know that I'm about to start animatin' fer yer own lil' eyes to see. Perhaps in a month, perhaps in a year... Not sure yet. And you don't care ( FOR NOW! HAHA! ) but that's fine, too! This is more of a refuge than anything else.

Have Gerald the jumping flourbag while you wait.

Okay random and very close minded people here on NG seems to be bashing people around for not contribuing to newgrounds. That message is for them. HA. I contribued to newgrounds now. I posted something. And by the way it's not because you don't post anything that you don't contribue to newgrounds... many people reviewed things and it does count. Their votes count too. But do you expect us to always be saying positive stuff? No, and it's not negative. It's constructive negative reviews. Please stop bashing people. I hate it when you do this. I don't want any random comments from angry readers. Do not want.

Just to shut a few people's mouths ( With an AWESOME DOGGIE PICTURE IN IT )